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look at my trash


Full painting
Can be any canvas size/ratio depending on choice
Can be cartoonistic or realistic depending on choice
Fully detailed illustration
Can be traditional or digital depending on choice
B&W Thumbnails
Can be any dimensions or ratio
Can have landscape or not


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Unless you used reference, I can say a few things. The bridge of the nose shouldn't be drawn, only shaded. It makes the overall face se...


whoops i finished this 3 days ago but forgot to post it
so heres yet again another bird study what is this like my 5th one jeez
3 hours, oil pastel
okay so
i actually finished yesterday and planned to do a consecutive upload for 2 days in a row but
whoops i forgot to upload yesterday
well here it is
a day later than when its supposed to be here
ignore the ledge thing its supposed to be undetailed because bird is like the main focal
enjoy i guess
okay so another 2 day process yet again
except this time i didnt start from greyscale so
also i think this is my shortest animal study with probably 4 hours
and i used drybrushing for the fur so
doesnt look as good fur
Posh Snake
Snek  hiss hiss 
another 2 day process, this time a very adorable one
4-5 hours in total, started from greyscale then worked with an overlay layer
credit to Shannon Hammer and her video for the reference/origin
so yea
i started this yesterday
i think this took like 5-6 hours in total
i love kingfishers they looks so vibrant and
they literally look like paintings
yea so
oil pastels are hard/fun to do details with so i deliberately made a choppy look to it so it has a particular "style"
i used part of a reference pic so some parts might looks really off but its actually the picture
grass was knifed
Ancient Link
i love botw
i played 60+ hours over the course of 2 weeks and uhh
kass is best character
i messed up the size of the shield++ so ignore that
plus i over-detailed it for some/no reason
heres 1/3 that i procrastinated posting here because i would have needed to do a bunch of stuff for each upload so
heres a mechanized chocobo from ffxv for some reason
with a terrible terrible shadow ignore that
so you heard of that one alcohol
called kingfisher
yea it has mothing related to this i just drew a kingfisher
so heres another bird


GinJuice's Profile Picture
Giann Pineda
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
sup im dying inside
2 years of practice
dying inside
okay so :iconboefjim: as well as :iconfluffzee: tagged me in this so
guess what im not doing this lmao

-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
-Write 13 things about yourself
  ~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone
-No tagging back

right so

1. dude im 13 almost 14 dont judge my lack of skill
2. almost egotistical but has no self-esteem somehow
3. i literally browse memes the whole day its not my fault
4. illustrations are not my thing, i prefer painting/s
5. ive had like 1-2 years of practice
6. electro house/electro swing/electro all the way lmao
7. extremely lazy and procrastinates more than paradigm
8. ironically angsty/edgy because emos are a fucking disgrace to this planet
9. i hate fizzy drinks because coffee
10. too fond of nerf blasters
11. minimum canvas size = 8000px
12. never watched anime nor read manga because weeb trash
13. italian food > mexican food

Jesus fuck now its time for the quest(ion)s Boefjim 
1. What would you do if you get a million dollars?
    Most likely and most definitely get a million dollar-store-flashlights because why not
2. What is your absolute favorite thing to do?
    procrastinating drawing/painting

3. Where do you see yourself in like, a few years?
    the exact same position except a little better in general

4. What is the thing you most regret doing?

5. If you could get any kind of superpower, what would it be? (no ultimate power of everythingness please)
    the ability to like conjure existing items into a void of storage that i personally own so i can like conjure it back to existence, therefore i can steal many, many things

6. What is something you are most proud of?
    look at my deviantart page
    not that
    jk lmao it is

7. How far would you go to keep a relationship with a good friend going?
    gay sex probably killing because you know

8. What's your favorite type of clothing?
    thin jackets that emphasise my thinness and also just a regular tshirt with regular jeans

9. Is there anything you know you probably shouldn't do, but still you do it anyways? If so, what is it?
    trying to be the superior

10. What is the best gift you have ever received / the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
    my family

11. Which countries have you visited, and which would you love to visit someday?
    philippines, and would want to go to a little higher than where uae is so its not so fucking hot

12. What is your opinion on society as a whole right now? Have you lost faith or do you think things are going well, or there at
least is 
    everything is dying as we know it and it will forever remain dead

13. Which are the best: hugs, cuddles, snuggles or pets?
    pets because you know i get to keep an animal instead of socialising

goddamn so many questions FluffZee 
1. Coffee or tea? Why?
    how about both because i drink both at an exact rate

2. What's your opinion on Finland? ouo
    its full of finns...? i know nothing about the country literally

3. Are you a real villain?
    well uh, technically no

4. How 'bout dem memes?
    hows amy schumer/united airlines/ww3 going

5. Sudden unicorns vs dragons -fight! Which team wins??
    neither, they dont exist

6. Do you like electronic music? If so, favourite genre?
    electro house/swing lmao

7. Are you addicted to youtube like me?
    quite/yes/alot/probably/most likely/definitely

8. Do you like horror games/movies? Why/Why not?
    only for listening. when i look at creep shit i think about it for literally months and helps me to not sleep
    like seriously when you think about something while trying to sleep you cant

9. Any pets or would you want any?
    had a doggo, have a cate and some birbs

10. What inspired you to start doing art? c:
    nothing i guess
    terraria i think

11. Are you a dinosaur nerd?
    RE- no
    the only dinosaur i know of is bronchitis

12. Do you believe in ghosts or other paranormal things?
    i believe in ayy lmao

13. I ALSO WANT TO KNOW THIS - What do you think of me? Be honest, I don't get offended that easily!
    what are you the opposite of the Sovereign race
    well youre entertaining, great at art and well has a same birb so i guess im inferior

Oh is it time for the questions I ask
1. Why are we still here, just to suffer?
2. Cate or Doggo
3. How long/short is your quickest masterpiece because goddamn im slow
4. should humanity exist, and why?
5. is reality up to us? or is everything sentient?
6. is there an infinite cycle of universes?
7. will vacuum decay occur?
8. what is your opinion on my art piece of shi
9. do you think doctors should be kicked out of planes
10. what kind of tablets ya use
11. im probably a cheap asf so whats the most expensive thing in your presence
12. are fidget spinners stupid because people try acting cool while using it
13. schezuan sauce - bring back?

finally im approaching the end of this
:iconjesuisunraptor: :iconocoania: :icondatboialex: :iconkollab: :iconshadowmaster4213: :icondancin-angel: :iconkaragna: :iconmitsuki-riu: :iconredtoxon: :iconxolive: :iconheyitsultra: :iconhisaruki: :iconkazken:
sorry if you like got annoyed by this i ran out of names


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